Meet Your Instructor

And Why is She Qualified to Teach You?

Nadia is a Registered Nurse, Nurse Educator and MedSpa Entrepreneur with a passion to teach and help others. She has earned over 20 certifications. ​She owns the ONLY combination Medical Spa and Accredited Training Institute in the state of Georgia. She turned her own challenges into a successful Medical Spa business and enjoys helping other aspiring Spa entrepreneurs do the same.

During her first full year in business she managed to expand three times in less than a year including building out her storefront flagship Spa location. Additionally, that same year she managed to earn over a half a million dollars along with her team by servicing over 3,000 guests and at times seeing up to sixty clients a day. Her luxury Spa is five star rated and many of her students have also experienced similar successes.

Accredited Nurse Educator

She has trained over 3,000 students nationwide

Inducted into Spa Hall of Fame

She has been inducted into the one and only Spa Hall of Fame in 202

Proven Track Record

Certified over 300 students and counting


  • Get Trained by a Registered Nurse
  • Learn how to gain clients right away and keep your books full
  • Learn how to earn six figures on automation
  • Learn how to 10x your income as a beginner from someone who has done it
  • Optional Biz in a Box with starter equipment to start earning right away
  • Prevent Complications and Avoid Costly Mistakes
  • Gain Access to Over 20+ Classes and Learn Proven Strategy
  • Access to Online Spa Community 
  • Ongoing Support

Become a Spa Boss

Learn and get certified in over twelve treatments that you can offer in your Spa and how to scale them effectively to earn your desired income. Plus, gain valuable hands on experience and one on one attention so you feel confident in launching and growing your Spa business.

Build Your Spa

Learn proven strategies to keep your books full and successfully grow and scale your Spa. Learn how we expanded three times in less than a year during a global pandemic and how we've managed to service 60 clients in a day. 

Learn Business

Bonus Classes include a business kickstarter where you learn how to set your business up properly and for success. Learn how to start building business credit and learn marketing, branding and retention and much more.